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Scuba Diving

Successful people love challenges, and any sport or adventure that involves exposing themselves to new environments and personal challenges. Scuba diving is something that can be done in any country of the world.

In most cases, personal scuba diving requires diving certification before air tanks can be hired or refilled.

However, for the novice, there are many reputable diving adventure tourist operations that provide tuition on the spot, and limit your diving to safe enviroments.

A great way to see if you enjoy this underwater world.

WARNING: It is very easy to become addicted to this sport.




Costa Rica Scuba Diving & Eco Adventure Travel: Diving

Costa Rica Scuba Diving & Eco Adventure Travel

Costa Rica Dive Travel Specialist & Adventure Tour Operator. Scuba diving, rafting, surfing & fishing packages. Guided volcano tours, canopy tours & hot springs tours. Great for family vacations, weddings & honeymoons, & beautiful tropical getaways!

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