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Yacht Charters


Sailing coastal waters is my personal wonderland. I can't get enough of it and every country has it's gem locations. Find your ideal tropical location and there will be sailing experiences.

Even in larger domains, there are those pockets of open water tranquility that refresh the soul and fire up the passion of success. In Australia, its the Whitsundays. In New Zealand, Great Barrier Island and the Bay of Islands.

To charter a yacht will generally require a demonstration of skill in handling the craft. But if you are not boating skilled; there are many combinations which provide you with skippers or group sailings.


Australia, Whitsundays

Whitsundays Best Sailing Adventure: Spa Whitsundays Style

Whitsundays Best Sailing Adventure
Cruise and Dive the Whitsunday Islands on the fast new catamaran Powerplay. Explore the Whitsundays where lush rainforest meets the crystal clear water of the Great Barrier Reef. Join us for a 2 1/2 day cruise from $260. Gourmet meals included. Onboard Spa & Dive

Starting At: US $130/Night
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British Virgin Islands

Family and Friends Dream Sailing Vacations: Anchored at Norman Island BVI at Sunset

Family and Friends Dream Sailing Vacations
Captained Sailing Vacations for Freinds, Family and Couples in British Virgin Islands. Life time experience. We guarantee the perfect sailing adventure in the Caribbean. We understand the importance of attention to detail. Very affordable

Starting At: US $995/Person
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Fiji Islands

Fiji Island Yacht Charters: Tavake at anchor

Fiji Island Yacht Charters
Sailing holidays, specializing in honeymoon cruises, family sailing vacations, Fiji ecotourism, kiteboarding safaris and a wide range of water sports.

Starting At: US $225/Night/Pers
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