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Trumps Seven Critical Traits of Top Entrepreneurs

A recent article by Michael Sexton, President of Trump University, he revealed what Donald J. Trump saw as the "Seven Critical Traits of Entrepreneurs"

  1. Have passion - that means enthusiasm on a big scale.
  2. Be tenacious - never give up on any project until every possibility of success has been explored.
  3. Think big - start with small steps then take the biggest steps you are capable of.
  4. Energetically seek new information and ideas - you can NEVER know too much.
  5. Take action - once you knowwhat you need to know about a project - move decisively. Also be willing to take a step back and start again if the timing is not right or that likely path to success changes. Never be afraid to fail.
  6. Learn to negotiate - this skill is invaluable for connecting with other people.”
  7. Enjoy competition - they help you perform better and achieve more success. Use competition to drive yourself to 'outdo yourself'.


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