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Three Career Success Requisites


Ever wonder why you don't seem to be able to get the job promotion you want?

You have the skills, you have the tenure, yet something keeps standing in the way of success......most probably, that 'something' is you.

When an executive is faced with finding the right person for a job opening, the faces, the words, the work, and the impressions of existing employees will pass quickly through their minds - a fast review.

As they do so, they will be asking themselves, "Which person is strongest on initiative, which one can best assume responsibility?"

All other things being equal, that is the person who will get the job.

So it comes down to what impressions you have created to your superiors during your term of employement. How well you fulful the three requisites:

  1. Confidence in yourself - knowledge of your power.
  2. Initiative or courage to start things - not just have ideas like everyone else
  3. Faith to go ahead and do things in the face of all obstacles.

For most, the price of 'effort' is too high.

Your abilities are stored up in your sub-conscious mind. Get to know you r power. Call upon your abilities. Have the courage to use them.

It is not coincidence, that once you have the courage to take the first step up the ladder, others will reach down and pull you up the next one. The help will certainly not come from those below have confidence.

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