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Handling Your Resignation with Style


If you decide you are in the wrong job or wrong company you need to get out, and soon. Staying in a role with no passion will soon reflect on your performance, and on your employer recommendations.

So better to plan to leave with style and dignity, than be 'helped' out the door.

Remember - therelationships you have developed in your present job may be of value to you in the future. Don't be tempted to burn any bridges just because you are leaving this role - you will be surprised how paths cross again and again.


Planning Your Resignation

Gather together necessary information. The terms of your present employment are governed either by a personal contract or by company policy. Confirm:

  • Notice required
  • Restraints of trade


Your Resignation Letter

Your letter of resignation should be short and simple. It simply states that you are submitting your resignation, effective on a particular date.

  • Deliver the letter personally - not by e-mail or mail.
  • Send a copy to the HR department.

You are not required to give a reason for leaving, but you may wish to add a personal note about a positive impact the job has had on you.


Leaving Inside Your Notice Period

If you want to leave within your contract period of notice you are best to:

  1. prepare a detailed report of the stage at which you leave things - who is assuming what responsibilities, and what training is necessary.
  2. make suggestions for those taking over your role
  3. plan for maintaining key relationships, especially those you wish to use as references
  4. approach your boss with your plan and present it, along with your letter of resignation with confidence.

If your boss can see that an early departure will not cause major disruption, in most cases they will agree.


Leaving With Normal Notice

If you plan to leave with a normal notice period, you do not need to do the above, but it makes good sense to do so. It will foster a good parting relationship and shows professionalism and style.

If you do not receive a response, first check your employer received your resignation letter, and if so, ask for a confirmation of your date of departure. If that still doesn't get a response, send a note to the HR department, with a copy of your resignation and date proferred. You are free to leave as planned.


Leave With Style

Even if you think your boss is a real jerk and you hate the way you have been treated, treat your exit interview with professionalism and style. Don't give them any reason to not recommend you for another role.

If you are resigning because of a stressful personal or ethical environment, you want to leave behind feelings of good will.

Behave professionally and resist the temptation to vent your frustrations with your work experience in either your letter of resignation or exit interview.

People will remember you by the last impression you make. So make a good one.


Prepare for the Unexpected

Sometimes one can receive an unexpected reaction to a resignation. If you have done your job well - you have no guilt about leaving in spite of what your boss may feel your future was with the company.

You are not obliged to tell them your reasons or where you plan to work next.

If you are planning to work for a competitor, expect that you may be asked to leave immediately - and I mean right then. This will often be done under supervision of your manager.

From the viewpoint of your manager, you have competitive secrets and access to customer lists that are highly sensitive.


Be Careful About What You Reveal

People naturally love to gossip, so you are better to plan a precise statement regarding your resignation and stick to it. Whatever you do, don't tell a co-worker before you tell your boss.

Don't reveal too much about bad feelings you have toward the company or people you work with. If you resign on impulse, you may want to keep the bridge open to a return in the future.

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