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How To Quickly Tell If You Are In The Right Job


Regardless of what job you are doing right now, how do you know it is the right job for you?

It is easy to get caught on the corporate escalator with incremental promotions that give you the sense of going places. But eventually, many people get to a point where they start questioning whether their current career path is really what they want.

The best way to answer this question is to step back and do an objective analysis. Analyze yourself first, in terms of an ideal job.

  • Phsyical work environment - indoors, outdoors, inner city, suburbs, small town office
  • Type of organization - large corporate, small business, retail, professional, high energy, slower pace
  • Type of people - career focuses, people focused, money focused, political, social
  • Type of work interface - face to face, computer based, remote, international, local
  • Type of work - strategic, analysis, administrative, design, production, manufacture, creative, sales
  • Remuneration - monetary, leave, time off, benefits
  • Work hours - long, short, part-time, flexible, contract

By considering each of these factors you get a more indepth look at your work values.

Now match your current role to your selections above. Then map your next role based on your next possible promotion. Are you moving towards your ideal work values or further away?

If you find you have a good match - great!

But if you don't, then you would be wise to make the decision to move out of your current role.

To help take the next step, complete a full alignment assessment of both your work and your life values.

Identify what types of roles match your ideal criteria and start your job search.

Give this list to the recruitment agency and get them on the job.

Accept you may have to take a step or two down in pay scale to get back on to a new track. But with your work experience, and the passion you will have for being in the right role, you will soon be climbing back up that ladder.

Your only limitation is your vision of your ideal. Don't settle for less.

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