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Fake It Till You Make It


When I was running personal development seminars, one of our catch cry phrases was 'Fake It Till You Make It'. This did not mean that we all went out and committed fraudulent acts against others. In its context, it helped us visualise what we wanted to be, and adopt the habits and actions of those who had ALREADY achieved that goal.

This attitude can apply to business scenarios - if you are in office administation and aspire to be a manager - then start now, dressing like a manager, attending business seminars, leadership workshops, and adopt all those managerial type mannerisms that a good manager typically displays.

In a sporting context - I have used this many times to get me 'in the groove'. After an exhaustingly hot day of tennis competitions I could feel myself just wanting the game to be over, so I could jump into a nice cold pool. I could feel my game slipping, and the points confirmed it. So I got my head together and pretended I was center court Wimbledon, with crowds watching my ever move. I moved into the role of a world champion tennis player, and immediately felt the strength return. I strode purposely to pick up the ball [couldn't quite conjure up ball boys!] and proceeding to deliver 3 ace serves in a row. That not only put me back in the game but at match set point. I won that set and the next to take home the match, and my pride.

I know that I am very determined and focused, but when my sugar levels plummet, my previous habit was to just give up and get out of there. Now I have a new habit. I pull in reinforcements from whatever scenario I need, and I continue to amaze myself as to what depths of resources I can pull up.

Even in small day to day tasks, look at each action as either moving you forward, or moving you backwards from your goals. This helps to not only keep your goal in your mind, and adds more power behind the force driving you to reach your achievements.

It is so easy to fall into bad habits. And to know what your bad habits are is a key success factor. Once you know what they are, you can use whatever device you need to to change those habits. Expect them to take around one month to change, but once you do - if you find yourself slipping, just give yourself a gentle reminder that the old you would have done [bad habit], but the new you does [new habit].

You will be amazed that once you start concentrating on your habits, how they all connect together - your life is just one big chain of habits. By selecting one at a time, and changing it from a bad habit to a good habit, you continue to evolve as a person and move yourself into environments where you are much more likely to achieve everything you want to be and have....and in the meantime, just...


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