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Aston Martin Top Of British Brands

Aston Martin tops Britain's list of the coolest brands in Britain in a newly released survey by consulting firm CoolBrands.

Aston Martin secured the top spot ahead of Apple Inc's iPod music player and video website YouTube in the 2007 list.

Although much of the top 20 places in the list were dominated by the online, technology and gaming categories,

Many believe Aston Martin's profile has been boosted by the success of the latest Bond film"Casino Royale". As an avid Astson Martin fan, I prefer to believe that the rest of the world is finally waking up to the potential that you can have it all - performance, class, style, and luxury.

Aston Martin Chief Executive Officer Dr Ulrich Bez said the survey demonstrated the growth of the brand was consistent and ongoing.

"Our exciting, design-led program of new models and unparalleled attention to detail has made a major impact in the world of international culture," he said in a press statement.

Apple's iPod music player was runner up to Aston Martin and its software iTunes scraped into the top 20, in 19th place.

Overall, Apple was voted the seventh coolest brand in Britain.

YouTube, the video website owned by Google came third, with Google itself nestled at fifth place, one up from 2006.

And if it is exotic holidays you favor, Britons believe Japan and Brazil preferable to the commonly selected European destinations. In spite of the trend away from local destinations, the Tate Modern Museum still gained the star as the coolest attraction - in response to the gallery's "continually innovative program of exhibitions and installations".

When it comes to electronics, its the British men who find them cool; women were more in favor of food and drink brands such as Green and Black chocolate or Ben & Jerry's ice cream.

Stephen Cheliotis, chairman of The CoolBrands Council believes the top 20 list is a reflection of changing needs, wants and interests.

"Some things can become cool by virtue of their necessity or prevalence in your life, like Google, or Amazon. On the other hand, the things you really want, but may know you'll never get - like a Rolex or a Ferrari - are considered just as cool."

The CoolBrands report is based on a YouGov survey of more than 2000 members of the British public and the CoolBrands Council consisting of advertising executives, journalists and fashion designers among others.



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