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Success in marketing is not complicated or difficult to implement. In almost all cases it is the result of three simple steps:

  1. More effective targeting of clients;
  2. Developing a potent message that matches a prospect's strongest wants and needs so they feel compelled to respond; and
  3. Finding the best ways to get that message in the hands of as many of your ideal prospects as possible.

The things that stop businesses being successful at marketing their products and services....simple....they don't do the 7 key steps that successful marketers do....

  1. KNOW their client market as well as they possibly can
  2. Match their products to their most lucrative market segments
  3. Focus time, money and energy on what they do best, instead of worrying about what the competition is doing
  4. Match their modes of communication to the personality profiles of their market
  5. Make their message sufficiently compelling to drive the customer to the point of sale
  6. Convert their customers to the point of sale
  7. Follow up after the sale


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