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How Do Nothing Helps You Be Successful


Athletes know that if they overtrain, their performance falls off before the main event.

The same principle can apply to mental tasks - not doing much study as you go through the year, then cramming like crazy at the end, doesn't always mean good results. In fact, some students have found that instead of doing the standard massive study fest at the end, doing micro study throughout the year has yielded better results.

For instance, imagine that during the day you took a few moments to look up more information on something relevant to a discussion that perhaps you did not understand. Then, at the end of the day you review everything discussed during your day and highlight some main ideas for further insight.

I wouldn't mind betting that if you were given a spot test, you would score reasonably well. This is what Taoists gain through a practice called Wu Wei. This means "doing/not doing" or "action/non action."

Taoism teaches that taking time each day to do nothing, to just contemplate and to let nature show us the way is the path to harmonious action. By dialing into your gut feel about circumstances at hand, you become more mindful of your life, and develop more insight.


The 'Do Nothing' Exercise

Take time each day to sit still for several minutes.

Observe your breath - use deep breaths in through the nose and out through the nose to bring the body into a state of peace. Nose breathing is both clarifying and invokes a calm in the body unlike any other exercise.

When you reach a state of calm - focus on this feeling. Bookmark this feeling in your mental database. Often, choosing a word, and idea or a visual cue will help take you back to this place faster in the future.

At any later time when you encounter stress - reach your Tao space by taking several deep nose breaths and invoking the anchor image in your mind.


Daily Breaks

It is hard to envisage that by slowing down and taking breaks throughout the day, we get more done. By slowing the body, we give the universe an opportunity to deliver to us what we need to make our lives more successful.

Just as The Secret teaches us, the laws of nature bring us everything we need, we just need to give our minds opportunity to recognise those messages, without all the normal daily clutter crowding these messages out.

The body is naturally tuned to be receptive to energy of mind and body, when we are in a peaceful state of mind.


Taoist Affirmation

Today is my day to create
I trust, all that is mine will naturally flow to me.
I am tapped not the infinite source, infinite wisdom.
Personal peace is mine and is available to me - always.

I walk forward today, carefully, mindfully.
Today becomes part of my past, and my footprints become
first embedded then solidified.
I walk forward with confidence and in divine intention
knowing that I am an example - and leaving tracks
that lead toward home.


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