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Are you someone who has big bold goals, yet you find yourself lagging in transforming these into actions? If you sense a bit of you in this question, a Success Support Group may be the answer for certainly has been for many others.

Success Support Groups or personal coaching groups meet regularly to share goals and progress against those goals. If you are not making progress, or are losing motivation, then the group steps in to get you going again. They act as your personal dynamo. If you don't know of any groups or can't find one with a vacancy, start your own. And here are a few guidelines to get you started.

  1. Group Size - best with two to eight members, no more than 12. Any more takes too long to get through everyones 'report'
  2. Meet weekly in a safe, inspirational setting - a restaurant, office, home, library, or church, etc. You can even use online conference calls for remote members.
  3. Keep meetings to 60 minutes.
  4. Share the role of 'Success Support leader' rotating around the group. The leader must moderate each members participation to ensure equal time for all.
  5. Start each meeting by every member reading or reciting the Success Support principles. Then assign each person a number to indicate order of speaking. Each person speaks for one minute about something positive, sharing their win for the week. Then rotate around the group again, giving each person 4 minutes to state their needs/wants from the group and for the group to respond with advice.
  6. Support other members visually, verbally and emotionally. Join in their visualisations - generate some emotion around the image.
  7. Allow for a free discussion for those whom wish to continue after the designated 60 mins
  8. Special meetings can be called for special projects.

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