Life Success Habits


Physical Mastery

By Stephen R. Covey

In Stephen Coveys'The Eigth Habit' he offers new ways to think about ourselves and our purposes in life. It prompts us to consider how we can perform the roles required of the new leader.

Dr. Covey believes physical self-mastery is foundational. He suggests there are three fundamental ways to develop our physical intelligence:

  1. wise nutrition
  2. consistent exercise
  3. proper rest and prevention.

Physical self-mastery is something you can do something about immediately. By maintaining discipline in these three areas of physical self-mastery, even under trying circumstances, your ability to be disciplined in all areas of your life increases.

Use your physical well-being as your guide. It will tell you when you get off track. Listen to the messages your body sends you, and make the necessary changes to get back on course. As you increase your ability to strengthen your bodies' systems, you release the intelligences contained in the mind, the heart, and the spirit.

In this success section - we offer support to help you master your physical self.

Weight Loss - using NLP [neuro-linguistic-programming] as an advanced method to help you develop more effective life habits to maintain a healthy weight.



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