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Critical Success Habits In Real Estate Investing

According to Michael Sexton
President of Trump University

Successful real estate investors and developers share some key highly effective habits:

Habit #1: Being Curious - Successful real estate investors yearn to learn something new every day. From a new kind of mortgage to a new kind of insulation; their learning never stops.

Habit #2: Staying flexible - things change quickly. The best location to invest; the best type of mortgage to use; the best term of investment. Successful real estate investors develop the habit of being adaptable to changing investment climates.

Habit #3: Look at properties - learning about real estate by reading books or surfing the Web is a great starte - but real estate is a real asset - land, concrete and wood. To know it, you need to see it, every day. Top real estate investors never stop looking at properties. They learn things they could never find out from books - surprising pockets of the city that are diamonds in the rough. Believe me - if someone else finds it - they won't be publishing it!!c Get out there and see for yourself.

Habit #4: Cultivate the gift of gab - nearly all successful investors love to chat with everyone they see, every day. The best source of local knowledge is the shopkeeper, police officer, grounds keeper. Anyone who spends a lot of time in the community.

Habit #5: Read real estate ads - obsessively. It doesn't matter whether you think you are in the market for another property or not - believe me, if a great property pops up - you are in the market. Just as stock market investors devour over stock listings, successful real estate investors are addicted to property ads. Read those ads daily, and over a period of years, you will build a broad knowledge base that no book could ever provide.

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