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14. The Complete Scientific System To Getting Rich

Adapted From: The Science of Getting Rich


  1. THERE IS A THINKING STUFF FROM WHICH ALL THINGS ARE MADE, and which, in its original state, permeates, penetrates, and fills the interspaces of the universe.
  2. A thought in this substance produces the thing that is imaged by the thought. You can create things in your thoughts, and impress these thoughts upon the formless substance, causing the thing you think about to manifest itself in reality.
  3. For these thoughts to be received, you must pass from the competitive to the creative mind. In this state of mind, you will be in harmony with the formless intelligence, which is always creative and never competitive in spirit.
  4. Unite yourself with the formless intelligence through deep and continuous feeling of gratitude, By doing so, you can remain upon the creative plane.
  5. Form a clear and definite mental image of the things you wish to have, to do, or to become. Hold this mental image in your thoughts, whilst being deeply grateful to the supreme that all your desires are being granted to you. Unwavering faith and devout gratitude is the process by which the impression is given to the formless and the creative forces set in motion.
  6. Creative energy works through established channels of natural growth, and the industrial and social order. All that is included in your mental image will be brought to you if you follow the instructions given above, with unwavering faith. It will come to you through the ways of established trade and commerce.
  7. In order to receive all that you have asked for, you must be ready for it to arrive. You are only ready when your current actions have caused you to more than fill your present place.
  8. Always keep in mind your purpose to get rich, using realization of your mental image.
  9. Do every day all that can be done, taking care to do each act in a successful manner.
  10. Give to every person a use value in excess of the cash value you receive, so that each transaction makes for more life. Whilst in communication with others, hold the ‘advancing thought’ so that the impression of increase will be communicated to all with whom you come into contact.

These instructions will make you rich, and the riches you receive will be in exact proportion to the definiteness of your vision, the fixity of your purpose, the steadiness of your faith, and the depth of your gratitude.

Thank you for allowing me to share this wisdom with you. I pray it will enhance your life as much as it has my own.

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