Life Success Habits


3. Wealth Is Available in Abundant Supply

Adapted From: The Science Of Getting Rich


No One Is Kept Poor Because Other People Have Monopolized The Wealth

At different times, opportunities appear in different ways, in synch with the needs of the particular stage of social evolution. There are plenty of opportunities for those who will go with the tide, instead of trying to swim against it.

Everything on earth is made from one original substance, a formless stuff out of which all things are created. New forms constantly being made; older forms dissolve, and new forms created.

There is no limit to the original substance. The universe is made out of it, and in between the visible universe is ten thousand times as much of this universal raw material, is available to be used to create new riches. It is natures inexhaustible storehouse of riches; a supply that will never run short.

This substance is alive with creative energy, and is constantly producing more forms. This formless stuff responds to the needs of mankind; it will not let the world be without any good thing. The formless stuff is intelligent; it is stuff which thinks. It is alive and is always attracted toward more life, enlarging itself as it seeks to expand its boundaries.

The universe of forms has been made by formless living substance throwing itself into form in order to express itself more fully, always moving instinctively toward more life and fuller functioning.

Nature is programmed to support the advancement of life, such that everything which can possibly be produced to support life is bountifully provided. The poor are poor by lack in the supply of riches, but by lack of acting and thinking in a certain way, to command the formless stuff.

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