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  1. There is a universal energy from which all things are made. This energy fills the entire universe. I am pure energy in physical form.
  2. My self awareness, my thoughts connect me to the total energy pool, and actually create that which I am thinking.
  3. My thought causes the subject of the thought to be created within the field of Universal Energy.
  4. To activate this ability, I harness my creative mind; and I avoid competition.
  5. I harmonise and unify with the Universal energy through expressing gratitude.
  6. To manifest something new, I hold an image of what I seek in my mind. I express gratitude to the Universe for having granted this to me. I have unwavering faith and devout gratitude for the wealth coming to me.
  7. All that I include in my mental image is coming to me through natural ways such as trade and commerce.
  8. To claim this wealth, I am active each day to make this vision a reality. I especially strive to deliver to others something of value greater than what they paid me for.
  9. I practice these instructions; I am getting rich. And the riches are in the exact proportion to the definiteness of my vision, the fixity of my purpose, the steadiness of my faith, and the depth of my gratitude.
  10. My wealth is in ME

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