Life Success Habits




Principles are the sign posts by which you guide your life path. Rather than being esoteric or religious ideals, there are valid personal paramters of human conduct, independent of social conditioning.

Principles include:

  1. Fairness - from which equality and justice stem
  2. Integrity and Honesty - the foundation of trust
  3. Human Dignity - treating all men as equal
  4. Service - making a contribution to humanity or society
  5. Quality and Excellence - just doing your best
  6. Potential - we all have it, it's up to each of us to release it and grow it
  7. Growth - the process of releasing potential - having faith in yourself
  8. Nuturance - caring for your inner soul as well as your outer body

Living by, and mastering these principles is a life-time journey. They form the basis of your private victory, which precedes public victory. Such principles put your inner character ahead of your public personality.

Such prinicples are embedded in the teaching of Stephen Covey in 'The Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People'.



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